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The Beatles and The Boomers

Did someone say, “Generation Gap?” We can’t deny there was one, but the big divide didn’t necessarily start with the baby boomers.

This program begins with a look back…

Starting in the 1940’s with Frank Sinatra and big bands, we move into the 1950’s with Elvis Presley and the first wave of rock and roll, followed by news headlines and pop culture events during the early 1960’s. Once the stage is set (and the planets seem somehow aligned), the boomer generation discovers their very own teen idols on February 9, 1964 when The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show.

On that Sunday evening over seventy million people tuned in to watch – including not only teenagers and pre-teens, but also parents and grandparents. After all, there were only three networks to choose from and it’s doubtful any of us can remember what was on the other two channels.

Following in the pop star footsteps of Sinatra and Presley with a string of hit records and a look considered shocking at the time (the mop tops!), The Beatles also became movie stars when their first motion picture, A Hard Day’s Night, was released. Between 1964 and 1966 John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr brought the excitement of Beatlemania to North America with concerts in front of screaming fans that quickly grew in size from arenas to sold-out sports stadiums.

But similar to the previous generations coming of age with “Frankie” and “Elvis The Pelvis,” “The Fab Four” phenomenon didn’t always have parental approval.

Author Dave Schwensen draws on both his books, The Beatles At Shea Stadium and The Beatles In Cleveland, to relive the impact of Beatlemania from both sides of the generation gap. Entertaining and informative, this presentation features a healthy dose of humor and opportunities for audience members to share their memories.

This program is specifically designed for lifelong learners and senior centers and includes videos highlighting news and pop culture events from the early 1960’s, scenes of Beatlemania and performances by The Beatles. Video footage also includes an unforgettable elected official from 1964 who will explain how the group is a bad influence on the younger generation – and why the entire phenomenon is “Unbelievable.”

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City of North Olmsted Senior Center

“Thank you Dave! We loved it! We had so many great comments and people would love to have you back for another presentation. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

City of Garfield Heights Senior Center

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation last week! The seniors thought it was wonderful! A lot of them came up to me afterwards commenting on how it was a ‘blast from the past.’ Hopefully we can work together again next year.”

West Park Historical Society of Cleveland

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful, fun-filled evening! Everyone had a great time and you were awesome wowing us with such great info! I’m glad you had fun because we sure did! Beatles forever!”

Willoughby Senior Center

“I had many positive comments from the participants, hearing that you were incredibly knowledgeable on the time the Beatles spent here in Cleveland. The stories, videos and memorabilia you presented made the group feel like they were there live seeing and hearing the Beatles back in the 1960’s again!”

BrightLife Innovations

“Thanks Dave! The residents in senior living have had great things to say about your program. I really enjoyed working with you.”