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The Beatles At Shea Stadium

The pinnacle of the Beatles touring years (John Lennon said he “saw the top of the mountain” that night), Dave takes you behind the scenes and on stage for the group’s legendary August 15, 1965 performance at New York’s Shea Stadium. The first modern outdoor stadium rock concert (the beginning of stadium rock!), a capacity crowd of 55,600 watched John, Paul, George and Ringo sing, play, laugh and sweat on a hot August night in the media capital of the world.

The groundwork for this historic event started earlier than you might think (1962), when a young entrepreneur in New York City decided to “think outside the box.” Join Dave as he goes back in time to the beginning of Beatlemania in North America and into the spotlight of Shea Stadium through insider stories, rare concert films and live recordings. Program includes making and restoring the television special and the secret recording session by the Beatles to enhance their live performance.

The Beatles In Cleveland

Relive the excitement of Beatlemania through eyewitness accounts and rare concert films as John, Paul, George and Ringo visit Cleveland for two of the wildest, out of control concerts in Beatles – and rock and roll – history. This presentation includes rare film of the 1964 performance at Public Auditorium and 1966 at Municipal Stadium – with fans rushing the stage and police stopping both concerts. It might be hard to believe, but the group was banned from Cleveland – now home to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – during their 1965 summer tour. And yes… Dave will give you the inside scoop about why that happened and how this ban was lifted to allow the Beatles one last visit – and how the same excitement of Beatlemania caused it to happen again on a much LARGER scale!

So, whether you’re solo or with your best Beatles pals, grab a beverage, a snack and enjoy Dave’s one hour magical history journeys back to these FAB moments in time.

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